Nothing can replace the look on my kids’ faces when they received their #MerryMessageFromSanta. Make sure to take a video of them watching it for the first time because it’s absolutely priceless! I cannot wait to do this year after year! We love you Santa!

Pilita Simpson

The personalized video message from Santa was beyond awesome. My niece and nephew lost their minds and couldnt believe Santa knew all their secrets and hobbies. The way that Santa sang their favorite song was hysterical. It was also so moving that it made their mom cry. I can’t recommend this highly enough!

Lauren Molina

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for making my boys' Christmas dreams come true! The day we received the personalized message from Santa was one we will cherish for years to come. You should have seen their faces. The best part was when Santa made a reference to something we do as a family and they said "only Santa would know that". They knew right away that this was the "REAL SANTA". They watched their video over and over. It was a very special gift!

AJ Sullivan

I will never forgot when our son received his personalized video a few days before Christmas! Talk about an incredibly special, magical moment! To see his little face light up, and for the family to have the experience. Wow! Chills and endless smiles! Santa’s voice, his Christmas spirit, and love shines through on every level! When you see him, hear him, and have this interaction it’s truly a one of a kind experience! I hope kids around the world can share in this. It’s priceless!

Josh Smith

This is the most amazing thing EVER.  I can't wait to show the kids tomorrow!  Actually, I'm really wishing I'd seen the email earlier because I'm extremely tempted to wake them up. I can't thank you enough!  But I will do my best by telling absolutely everyone I know about this. Seriously, AMAZING.

Rachel Anthony